Antenna Hungaria – Return on Investment GIS Study


We built  a number of cross sectional models to calculate the expected number of subscribers for a planned new broadcasting platform.

This geographical information system  project (GIS) used geographical data for Hungary’s settlements, visibility information for the existing and planned transmission towers, population statistics broken down by regions, settlement types. In addition it made use of a composite statistical index to consider the geographical distribution of purchasing power and social status and the geographical distribution of ownership for some key consumer products.  Geographical data from the Hungarian Statistical Office for the number of households, income per capita, the number of the economically active, land-line ownership, electricity consumption and received benefits per capita were served as input data, too.


Potential demand for the proposed service


We  determined the gap between the level of the provided customer service and the potential customer demand by area. Eventually we could establish that which areas offered the client the biggest increase in profit with the least amount of investment.