EuroOffice Adaptive Interface

The EuroOffice Adaptive Interface extension provides users with a dynamical menu system to EuroOffice. By changing the size of the menu item according to the frequency it was used it makes the menu system more transparent.

EuroOffice Adaptive Interface provides transparency of the menu system and is the most important distinguishing feature of EuroOffice. This extension does not currently work with, because the underlying programmable menu system is only implemented in the open-source EuroOffice application.

EuroOffice Adaptive Interface has the following features:

  • Observe user behavior and shrink rarely used menu items to make menus easier to navigate. (The collected user behavior statistics are only stored in the home folder of the user and never transmitted.)
  • If the user navigates in the menu system for a certain period of time the menus regain their actual size.
  • Create a magnifying glass effect so that the visibility of the menu item under the cursor is increased.
  • Various visual enhancements, such as smooth scrolling in oversize menus.

The following screenshots demonstrate the shrunken menu items and the magnifying glass effect:

You can change the settings by clicking on the “EuroOffice Adaptive Interface settings” in the tools menu.

  • With the “Enable adaptivity” checkbox you can turn the size-changing of the menus on/off. In its sub menu you can change the number of elements that are affected by the changes and the quantity of the shrinking.
  • In the “Expand the shrunken menu items after this many seconds” menu you can change the time after the menus automatically regain their original size. If the checkbox is off, this effect will not take place.
  • With the “Enable dynamic menus” checkbox you can turn the magnifying glass effect on and off. You can change the size of this effect in the menu next to “grow the item under the pointer by”.