EuroOffice Dictionary

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EuroOffice Dictionary adds a new toolbar which offers an offline dictionary to display translations of a word. It also displays translations for the word under the cursor in a text document and provides other useful features.

  • Dock or undock the toolbar to find the most comfortable way of using it!
  • Cursor tracking. Look up a word in the dictionary by placing the cursor on that word in the document. The translations will appear in the second dropdown box.
  • You can just read the translations or even replace the word with a translation with a single click!
  • When replacing a word, the cursor moves on to the next word, providing a way to quickly create a “raw” translation of a sentence.
  • Add new words to the dictionary with a single click! (Key presses for entering the translation are of course inevitable.)
  • Multi-word expressions can now be looked up. Just move the cursor to the first word in the expression!
  • Parts of compound words can be looked up by moving the cursor inside the word.
  • Adding new dictionaries or replacing the included dictionaries is easy! They are simple CSV files!
  • State-of-the-art stemming for Hungarian, and basic stemming for English.
  • EuroOffice Dictionary comes with dictionaries for English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish and Dutch (list of dictionaries).
  • Merge dictionaries as easily as you add them!
  • DICT server file format support means you can now import a large number of freely available dictionary files. Some files in this format are available at the DICT project website, with many more available at the FreeDict project website.
  • Use the Dictionary Manager to see a list of your dictionaries, edit or remove them and install new ones!
  • Toggle online monitoring on or off with a single click.

Try the free version before your purchase! You can purchase it after the 30 day trial period or now! The price includes free updates for one year and priority support for three months. Please contact us at if you run into any problems or have questions!