EuroOffice Eco Print

With the help of EuroOffice EcoPrint you can convert your presentation such that it does not use that many ink in case you want to print the presentation.

After the first run of the extension there will be two extra menus in EuroOffice. First in the Help menu you will find the About EuroOffice Printable sub menu and in the Tools menu of EuroOffice Impress the Printable sub menu.

Clicking on the the first one the About box should appear where you will find the Help button – this will lead you to the help of the extension. The extension can only be applied to presentations. After loading the presentation and clicking on the before mentioned Printable menu after a few seconds the extension will perform the following tasks:

  • turns all background color to white (deactivates the appearance of images, bitmaps and background colors)
  • colors all characters to black
  • deletes all images which are larger than 50% of the slide
After the extension is finished with the execution of these tasks a popup window will appear which warns us not to save the resulting file (or save it under another name) since the original state cannot be recovered with the push of a button but with tedious work. Though this warning also appears in the help of the extension we deemed it important to warn the user about the possibility of data loss. After printing the printer friendly version of the presentation we may close the extension without losing our settings.