EuroOffice MapChart

Please download or buy this extension here.

You may visualize your geographical data with EuroOffice MapChart which is an extension to EuroOffice Calc .  Present your data on detailed, impressive maps!

It’s a common task to show data coloring the geographical areas and placing additional diagrams on them. The EuroOffice Map Chart is such an extension which is able to carry out these tasks in an easy and creative way being integrated into the EuroOffice Calc.

The charts may be created on maps of

  • Europe
  • Hungary
  • the world
  • USA

For Europe and Hungary,  not only the countries themselves but smaller areas (regions, counties and big cities) may be shown, too.… (This feature works only in the Professional Version). The smaller areas are based on the NUTS system of  the European Union.
The main features of the extension are:

  • The first data column or data row is represented by the colour shades of the given geographical area.  The rest of the data are shown on sub-diagrams. One may choose among three types of sub-diagrams (bar, pie and special icons).
  • The map charts display  textual and numerical information similar to other  charts (title, subtitle and legend).
  • A map chart  may be inserted in a specific place in a document using a submenu in the Insert menu.
  • Map Chart works with OpenOffice.Org, LibreOffice or EuroOffice.  It can be downloaded from our web page and it can be installed as an extension in the usual way.
  • Previously created maps may be reedited.  They may also be edited as pictures in EuroOffice Draw.
  • There’s online Help which you may use in the usual way.
  • Business partners or co-workers who don’t have EuroOffice Map Chart installed may also see the charts you create.

Map Chart may be used freely as trial version software.  Having bought the extension, these extra features, too, will be available to you:

  • One may give aliases to geographical entities and you may select which border lines should be shown.  Map Chart will determine which areas fit your data best.
  • Special icons (in formats SVG, JPEG, ODS and many others…) may be put on the map instead of bar charts or pie diagrams. EuroOffice Professional Map Chart will enlarge or reduce the size of the icons to scale.
  • Data for Hungary may be represented on NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 levels.  Besides the extension includes data for 73 big cities in Europe. In case Hungary’s case,  each and every settlement (more than 3000!) may be shown in the maps.
  • EuroOffice Professional Map Chart is capable of drawing 3D maps as well.  The 3D objects may be re-edited  in Draw and their shades may be altered, too.

The price includes updates for one year and priority support for three months. Please contact us at if you have any problems or you have questions.