EuroOffice Presentation Converter

It would be very useful if one could convert slides of a presentation into pictures simultaneously. EuroOffice Presentation Converter can do this. You can find in File menu the Presentation Converter sub menu. Clicking on it a dialog window appears. First you should decide if you want png or jpg pictures. The size of the pictures can set selecting from Pixel size combo box or setting a given value directly. Creating png pictures you can set Resolution (DPI) too.

The created pictures can be saved into a directory on your file system (Outside), or into the document (Inside – this is necessary only if later you want to visualize your presentation on a mobile phone using EuroOffice Mobile), or Both.

Choosing png pictures you can set the degree of Compression and if you want Interlaced pictures or not. Choosing jpg pictures you can set its Quality between 1 and 100 percent, and you can choose between Color and Grayscale pictures.

If the file name already exists, the program ask permission to overwrite is. (It will do with every slides, if the corresponding file name exists.) For overwriting you have to select Yes, for skipping No. If you dont want the program ask it after every slide, you can select Save all or Skip all.