EuroOffice Sparkline

Sparklines are small (word-size) charts that illustrate trends and variations.

And they are now ease to create from Calc using EuroOffice Sparkline!

Sparklines are simple things and now creating them is simple too. Just select the data series you want to use as the basis of the sparkline and click EuroOffice Sparkline in the Insert menu. Additional details of the sparkline can be customized in the EuroOffice Sparkline dialog. Sparklines can be augmented with small dots that mark the start and end of the line and high or low points of the line. These dots are conventionally colored red for the start and end and blue for the maximum and minimum values. These colors help you associate numerical information with the data points as in the example to the right.

Sparklines can be used to great effect in charts, but also in text. For example I could mention here that our fictional currency appears to exhibit a periodic dependency on the USD and its current value can be expected to increase after a few more months.

For more details on sparklines we can recommend Edward Tufte’s treatise.