EuroOffice is free and open source office software built on OpenOffice/LibreOffice. You may edit text documents, use spreadsheets or prepare business presentations just as easily in the open ODF file formats as in MS Office file formats. (doc,xls,ppt). EuroOffice 2017 is available in seven different languages and it runs on both MS Windows and Linux operating systems. The EuroOffice PRO version contains several free and licensed extensions as well. These extensions provide additional features which enhance your productivity in the office.



EuroOffice is a full office suit which consists of these applications:

  • EuroOffice Writer – text document editor
  • EuroOffice Calc – spreadsheet
  • EuroOffice Impress – presentation maker
  • EuroOffice Draw – graphics drawing
  • EuroOffice Math – equation editor
  • EuroOffice Base – desktop database


The EuroOffice suit contains several free and licensed extensions.

For example, the EuroOffice Language Tools help you in your spelling and with grammar. You may visualize your data with impressive colour-coded geographical maps using EuroOffice MapChart. EuroOffice Dictionary is a tool integrated into the document editor Writer which helps you with reading and translating foreign language texts.