The EuroOffice Pro package includes our extensions. Some of them are trial versions and some are not. These extensions provide extra functionality which may enhance your productivity in your day-to-day office work. These extensions may be downloaded separately as well.  They will  work not only with EuroOffice but with LibreOffice as well.

Please download or buy our extensions  here.


Trial versions

EuroOffice Language Tools

This package of four extensions includes spellcheckers, hyphenators and grammar checkers for several languages and a thesaurus for Hungarian. All of our tools are powered by the high quality language engines created by Morphologic.

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EuroOffice Dictionary

EuroOffice Dictionary is a dictionary toolbar. This toolbar offers an offline dictionary to display translations of a word in free version, while dictionary professional continuously displays translations for the word under the cursor in a text document and provides other useful features.

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EuroOffice MapChart

EuroOffice Map Chart is a new chart type integrated into OpenOffice.org Calc that makes it possible to visualize geographically related data. Showcase your statistics over detailed maps of European regions, the United States or the world!

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EuroOffice Modeller

EuroOffice Modeller turns your spreadsheet into a powerful statistical modelling tool. It contains an extended set of mathematical and statistical functionality for solving optimization, data analysis and time series forecasting problems.

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EuroOffice Barcode/QRCode

Using EuroOffice Barcode/QRCode Professional, you can easily produce the most popular machine scannable barcodes in the EuroOffice (or in the application LibreOffice) Spreadsheet and Draw documents.

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Non-trial versions

EuroOffice Adaptive Interface

The EuroOffice Adaptive Interface extension provides users with a dynamical menu system to EuroOffice. By changing the size of the menu item according to the frequency it was used it makes the menu system more transparent.

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EuroOffice Formula Converter

EuroOffice FormulaConverter is an OpenOffice.org extension by MultiRacio that replaces formulas in your documents with png images for more efficient portability.

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EuroOffice Online Clipart

EuroOffice OnlineClipart allows you to quickly add free images from the Wikimedia Commons collection to your documents.

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EuroOffice Sparkline

Sparklines are small (word-size) charts that illustrate trends and variations. And they are now ease to create from EuroOffice Calc using the EuroOffice Sparkline extension

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EuroOffice Currency Converter

Convert currency amounts on your EuroOffice toolbar with EuroOffice Currency Converter in 4 simple steps.

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EuroOffice Eco Print

EuroOffice EcoPrint can format your presentations to enable more economic printing.

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EuroOffice Take a Break

Continuously staring at the computer can cause headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, dry eyes. EuroOffice Take A Break extension tries to help you avoid or reduce these problems.

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EuroOffice Unit Converter

EuroOffice UnitConverter converts between different physical units.

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EuroOffice Presentation Converter

EuroOffice Presentation Converter can convert all slides of a presentation into pictures simultaneously, and store them in a given folder or in the document itself.

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EuroOffice MyProgress

EuroOffice My Progress is an Writer extension by MultiRacio Ltd. that can track the progress of your writing.

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