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Lotus Symphony extensions

The extensions for Lotus Symphony complement the basis office software package with additional services. All of them run only on Windows and Linux distributions.

Extensions with premium package:

EuroSymphony Language Tools

This package of four extensions includes spellcheckers, hyphenators, thesaurus and grammar checkers for several languages. All of our tools are powered by the high quality language engines created by Morphologic.

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EuroSymphony Solver

EuroSymphony Solver provides various fast algorithms to solve optimization problems in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets.

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EuroSymphony Map Chart

EuroSymphony Map Chart is a new chart type integrated into Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets that makes it possible to visualize geographically related data. Showcase your statistics over detailed maps of European regions, the United States or the world!

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EuroSymphony Dictionary

EuroSymphony Dictionary is a dictionary sidebar. This sidebar offers an offline dictionary to continuously display translations for the word under the cursor in a text document and provides other useful features.

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Additional extensions:

EuroSymphony Unit Converter

EuroSymphony Unit Converter converts between different physical units.

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EuroSymphony Sparkline

Sparklines are small (word-size) charts that illustrate trends and variations. And they are now ease to create from Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets using EuroSymphony Sparkline!

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EuroSymphony Online Clipart

EuroSymphony Online Clipart allows you to quickly add free images from the Wikimedia Commons collection to your documents.

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EuroSymphony Plotter

EuroSymphony Plotter is a Lotus Symphony extension for high-precision custom illustrations and transformations. You can describe many geometric shapes in a spreadsheet table, and with EuroSymphony Plotter you can plot them.

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EuroSymphony Eco Print

EuroSymphony Eco Print can format your presentations to enable more economic printing.

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EuroSymphony Take A Break

Continuously staring at the computer can cause headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, dry eyes. The EuroSymphony Take A Break extension tries to help you avoid or reduce these problems. It reminds you when to take a break while you are working with Lotus Symphony.

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EuroSymphony My Progress

Track the progress of your writing with EuroSymphony My Progress! This extension records your word and paragraph count every minute and generates reports about your progress.

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EuroSymphony Currency Converter

Convert currency amounts on your Lotus Symphony toolbar with EuroSymphony Currency Converter in 4 simple steps.

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EuroSymphony Barcode

This extension draws barcodes according to a variety of barcode standards.

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