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Economic modelling

The founders of MultiRacio and many of the key employees have considerable expertise in the field of mathematical modelling. These experts have been working on both macro and microeconometric modelling in their scientific ... MultiRacio was able to build on their expertise, and succesfully complete economic modelling projects.

For example, our company designed and developed a budget planning information system for the Ministry of Finance in connection with a World Bank project in 1997. The system included time series analysis and modelling methods as well as dynamic macroeconomic modelling solutions.Time series models were applied for forecasting the revenues and expenses of the budget, while the macroeconomoc model was used for the simulation and short term forecasting of the trends of the whole national economy.

Other solutions in the field of economic modelling developed by MultiRacio include:

  • Structured time series models for description of the Hungarian labour force economic activity, on the county level, applying explanatory variables.
  • Modelling the seasonal patterns in the time series of labour force data. Several hundred time series layered by age, sex, education and spatial distribution are analysed using ARIMA or structured time series models. Forecasting capability of the individual models is maximized.
  • Modelling and forecasting the water consumption data series in Budapest and the surrounding area.
  • Cross sectional models to calculate the expected number of subscribers for a television broadcasting company, building on visibility maps and market survey data.
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