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Small Area Unemployment Statistics System (SAUS)

Detailed description in pdf format (0.9MB)

Closing report of the World Bank financed project (3MB)

The project had the following tasks:

  • Feasibility study of an analysis system, which can provide monthly statistical estimations of various employment data in the city, county and country level, also giving the reliability of these estimations,
  • development and testing the analysis methods (the system includes estimation functions for spatial adjustment and the Kálmán filter algorithm for time series adjustment),
  • developing the computer software and database built on data of the Employment Office and the Central Statistical Office,
  • deployment of the SAUS software,
  • operation and maintanance of the SAUS system.

SAUS results for the EU regions of Hungary:

SAUS results for the EU regions of Hungary
Kálmán filter estimation of unemployment in the county level

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