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Statistical analysis of economical time series

ELTE eScience Regional University Knowledge Center (RET)

ELTE eScience Regional University Knowledge Center (RET)

What is eScience RET

The Eötvös University, Budapest, won a 800 million HUF support of the National Research and Technology Office for its 3 year project to build an "eScience Regional University Technology Center" (Hungarian acronym RET).

The purpose of the eScience RET is to establish a research and development center that integrates the efforts of university researchers and industrial partners in the area of data intensive research. The recent development of information technology enables scientists to manipulate data of an amount never seen before, but also raises the need for new technologies to gather valuable information. The project includes the biotechnology, the network and the GIS technology sub-projects and includes the general platforms "web and database", "statistical procedures", "visualization" and "software testing".

The role of MultiRáció

MultiRáció takes part in the "Statistics procedures" sub-project of eScience RET, developing algorithms and software modules for the analysis of spatially and temporally distributed economical data. Main emphasis is on the procedures that decrease the effect of noise and find the underlying trends of time series, enabling estimation and forcasting of economical data. Results are stored in a geographical database and are visualized by map charts. A similar system (WebSAUS) was built by MultiRacio for the National Employment Office for the analysis of small area employment data.

Other industrial partners of eScience RET

  • Delta Elektronik Ltd.
  • Informatikai Rt.

ElteSoft project

What is ElteSoft


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